Preview – Buddy for David – Excerpts from Page One and Page Three….

BuddyForDavidLargeFrontPage 1 – first sentence…

On a sunny day in July of 1994 disaster hit the Anderod family as unpredictably as a bolt of lightning striking on a clear day.

John loaded the rotor tiller in the bed of his 1989 red Chevy pick-up as his young son David watched from the bedroom window.

John’s wife, Susan, was beginning her household chores.

Susan’s mother, Alice, was finishing a cup of coffee before heading out to the garden. The old-fashioned hoe would have to suffice to cut down the weeds that grew thick while the rotor tiller was not working.

As John finished loading the tiller, he glanced at the garden rows covered in weeds, wishing he’d taken the rotor tiller to the shop sooner. Pulling onto the road and heading toward his neighbor’s home, John admired the farmer’s field of corn that lay between the two properties. The plants had grown knee-high by this time in July looking like a troop of little green soldiers standing at attention.


Page 3

The ride to Paul’s workplace took only seven minutes.

“I’ll pick you up at 4:00 p.m.,” John said.

But John wouldn’t be able to pick up Paul that afternoon. In fact, Paul would have to find another way home.


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2 Responses to Preview – Buddy for David – Excerpts from Page One and Page Three….

  1. That’s one fantastic opening sentence 🙂

    How’s the bookselling going?…


  2. Thanks for stopping by, Michael. I appreciate it.

    Buddy for David is a great story. There is suspense, warmth, hope, and the words flow. Some people have read it in one sitting, because they were compelled to keep reading until they were finished. I couldn’t do that myself. It has been enjoyed by teenagers, the elderly, and every age in between. I have received three reviews from those twenty or more that have read it since it was published.

    Apparently, it’s much more difficult to get a book to sell than it is to write one. I feel sorry for authors that write great books that don’t get published, or, sadder yet, get published but their authors cannot market them. Mine was published by a traditional publisher. I couldn’t have self-published if I’d have wanted to do it. Marketing is not my gift, but I know how to pray. I think that’s my best strategy.


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