Duck Finds False Pond – Chelsea Finds New Toy – Steve and I Find Fun Watching – Hee Haw Series – Based on True Life Event – Just Ask Chelsea –

Duck and ChelseaDuck – Looky there! A beautiful pond for me!

Dog –  What’s that?

Duck – Oh oh! A dog or something!

Dog – Never saw anything like that before. It could be dangerous!

Duck – Maybe I should leave.

Dog – Hey, you. Get out of my pool!

Duck green poolDuck – Okay, don’t get your fur up. I’ll go.

Narrator – Duck swims away from Dog. Dog runs around perimeter toward Duck.

Dog – Woof! Woof!

Duck – Yikes!

Narrator – Duck turns around. Dog turns around. Duck swims faster. Dog runs faster.

Duck – I see you cannot swim, Dog.

Dog – I can shake you to death. Get out of my pool!

Duck – I can swim until you die, Dog!

Duck was probably right about that, but Chelsea gave up and came back in the house. Duck swam around the pool a few more times. Steve and I gave up waiting for it to fly away. An hour later the pool was empty again.

Duck gone and pool salvagedHow awful that our pool had turned green! Along with our backyard weeds, the pool was too long unattended. Steve is working on it today. Another day or two and it will be back to normal.

We have no idea how the duck got into the pool or how it finally got out. The poor duck was stuck until Chelsea left.

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Life is good because God is good.
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8 Responses to Duck Finds False Pond – Chelsea Finds New Toy – Steve and I Find Fun Watching – Hee Haw Series – Based on True Life Event – Just Ask Chelsea –

  1. pattisj says:

    It probably flew in and landed on the water. Poor Chelsea. Poor Duck! Fun series!


    • Yes, it may have been stressful for the duck. Chelsea was very excited, but she would never have leaped into the water, and the duck knew what to do. He waited patiently. He didn’t swim frantically once he saw that Chelsea was a landlubber. I thought ducks came in pairs or in a flock. This one seemed to have no buddies. Thanks for your visit. Blessings to you…


  2. elizabeth says:

    Hilarious! 🙂


  3. jannatwrites says:

    Good thing you have Chelsea to keep your pool free of ducks!


    • Yes, Chelsea is a valuable resource, although, I’m pretty sure that this was the first and the last duck that will land in our pool. It was green for the first time ever and the last time ever. It looked much like a real wilderness pond fit for any waterfowl. Now it looks like a beautiful swimming pool again. This year Steve and I plan to use it. Last year we didn’t. How foolish of us!


  4. Bonnie says:

    This gave me a hearty bellylaugh, Carol Ann!! Poor little duck, though I’m sure it was refreshing for him. Our pool turned green too! We’ve had a heck of a time this year getting it exactly right. Yours is beautiful!! 🙂


    • I hope the duck was not in distress. He seemed at ease, confident that Chelsea could not get him as long as he stayed int he water. He probably could have flown away, as we assume he did when Chelsea went inside. Perhaps he feared that she could catch him in his ascent if he attempted to fly away. Smart duck. Frustrated Chelsea.

      Steve will take a sample of the water for testing before we swim in it. It’s looking nice. We didn’t swim last year, but Steve kept it chlorinated and clean the entire summer. This was our first year together, and to have time learning about each other and having fun with friends, the pool was neglected for a few months during the winter.

      Thanks for stopping by. Blessings to you, Bonnie…


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