The Ruby Ring, by Karen Rees

photo (8)This week I read The Ruby Ring, by Karen Rees, a historical romance that begins in the year 1515.

I know, that’s a long time ago, yet Karen Rees wrote life and charm into her characters, enabling me, as the reader, to dwell comfortably with them in the rooms and countrysides of Tudor England.

My grandmother sent me to a Lutheran church in my early childhood, which caused me to hear much about Martin Luther and William Tyndale and the abuses of the church that these men fought against to their own peril. I thought I knew all there was to know, but Karen Rees shed light on this period of history that opened my understanding of the intense suffering of the men and women involved in bringing the scriptures to the people, in their bold attempt to free them from the tyranny that the church held over them, all in the name of God, yet contrary to the Word of God. I thank the Lord for the courage and conviction of these men.

Read Karen Ree’s book, The Ruby Ring, and expect not only to learn about this revolutionary period in history, but anticipate finding yourself gripped by Jane’s strong love for Owen, his loyalty to the cause of Luther and Tyndale, and her eventual determination to protect the people involved in smuggling the scriptures into England.

Woven into this heroic saga is a ruby ring that Jane cherished. Throughout the story, the ruby ring is central to Jane’s identity more than she even imagined. I literally shrieked out loud when this secret was revealed in the pages I was reading! Everything in Jane’s world changed suddenly at the revelation of this utterly unexpected exposure.

I’m glad that I slipped out of my comfortable genre to read this exciting story. I recommend it to anyone that likes suspense, love, romance, and intrigue.

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