Why Disappoint the One Who Paid –

Paid in Full –

A man breaks the speed law, gets a ticket for $350, which he has no money to pay; and, his loving wife, who has a fabulous job and makes lots of money, pays his ticket, in full.

He tells her that he really did speed and endanger the lives of others and did not deserve to have his speeding ticket paid by someone else, even though he has no money to pay the fine himself.

She tells him that she loves him and wanted to pay his speeding ticket, and that she didn’t want him to have to spend time in jail for not paying the fine.

The man tells his wife that he appreciates the love she demonstrated by paying his ticket. Nevertheless, he borrows money from a high-interest lender with a bad reputation for ruthless collection behavior, and he pays the ticket himself, even though the fine had already been paid by his wife.

His wife was hurt and disappointed to hear that her beloved husband had endangered himself to pay a fine he no longer owed.


Justice Satisfied –

God did not overlook our sin –
Forgiveness came at a price –
God gave his only beloved Son –
Who died to pay the price –

Justice was satisfied that day –
And – we no longer owe –
Do not discount our Savior’s sacrifice –
The shame – the pain – He bore –

Don’t bear sin’s guilt or condemnation –
And do not punish yourself –
Do not insult the worthy Lamb – who gave
His blood to pay our debt –

Instead – we lift our hearts in praise –
We laugh and love our lives –
Accepting His gift of eternal forgiveness –
Throwing off all ties that bind –

By Carol Ann Hoel © December 26, 2013


Romans 8:1 – The Bible – (American Standard Version) – There is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus.

About Carol Ann Ritchey

Life is good because God is good.
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8 Responses to Why Disappoint the One Who Paid –

  1. elizabeth says:

    Beautifully said Carol Ann. Blessings for a wonderful and prosperous new year. 🙂


  2. I understand the price has been paid but I try to live being worthy of having my “ticket” paid. To abuse grace and to be dismissive of it with a sense of entitlement by not fulfilling my part of covenant is disrespectful, indeed shameful at least. Regards.


    • Thank you for your comment, Carl. I agree with you that it would be disrespectful not to do our best to live in a worthy manner that represents our Savior and brings praise to His name. Apologizing and trying to make up to someone that we have wronged is a right thing to do.

      Most of us recognize that we are not able to completely fix all the harm we may have caused another person or erase a wound to someone’s heart. Some people find it difficult to forgive themselves, even though they know that God has forgiven them. Some carry around a heavy load of guilt and condemnation for things in their past that cannot be changed. Jesus died to take away our condemnation. He wants us to enjoy the wonderful gifts that are ours because of His sacrifice. I praise Jesus for giving us the freedom that eternal forgiveness brings. Not only has he forgiven us, but he promises to answer our prayers, so we can pray for the people we have hurt and treat them with kindness, which are good things to do. We can restore anything in our power to restore. And, God can bless their lives in ways that we cannot.

      Condemnation, shame, and guilt are destructive to health. We can leave those burdens behind and trust God to make amends that we cannot. Again, Carl, it is good and right to live responsibly and to be kind to others. We may abuse grace if we do not forgive others, and, possibly, if we refuse to forgive ourselves.

      Thanks for taking time to bring out this issue. Blessings to you…


  3. There is a very interesting parallel you create in telling these two stories side by side…
    And perhaps the refusal to be absolved by others is one of the great weaknesses of humankind be it pride or a false sense of our own power…


    • Thank you for your comment, Michael. Yes, it’s in us to want to fix our own mistakes. Tickets are paid with money, but we fall short when we try to fix our real-life messes. We need to forgive ourselves, like Jesus forgives us, and allow Him to go beyond what we can do to weave a beautiful garment from the broken strands of our lives, and to do it for those we may have wounded along our way. And, sometimes we must allow other human beings to cover us when they are willing, and it’s in their power to do so. God works in mysterious ways. He often uses our feeble hands to lift the fallen. How exciting!


  4. theonlycin says:

    Beautiful post. May God’s riches blessing be yours in 2014 xxx


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