Visiting Our Japanese Friend – a Learning Adventure

Yesterday, after church, we were invited to a dinner prepared by our Japanese friend, Mari. She and her husband, Dave, entertained us in their attractive home, decorated in the simplicity of Mari’s homeland tradition. We removed our shoes at the door, making certain not to bring outdoor debris from the bottoms of our footwear into the sanctity of their comfy abode.

Our hostess set the table using her delicate, antique china, including sets of intricately-decorated dessert bowls, each piece displaying a different pattern, yet all designed with coordinating colors and consistent features, which distinguished each bowl as a piece belonging to a single, marvelous collection. Mari explained how this tradition conveys to each guest’s setting a personal and unique identity. We felt special to dine as guests in the home of this delightful couple.

Mari served us an authentic Japanese curry, prepared in the same way that she often makes it for her husband on any ordinary day of their lives. We all shared a giant can of Japanese beer, allowing us to taste and enjoy one of the distinctive brews enjoyed by the people of Japan. Our experience was not only one of dining pleasure; it was, in fact, a learning adventure that we won’t forget.

Thank you, Mari and Dave.

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6 Responses to Visiting Our Japanese Friend – a Learning Adventure

  1. pattisj says:

    How sweet of them to host dinner for you.


  2. Bonnie says:

    This sounds like a wonderful dining experience with lovely people! Japanese dining has become a big favorite as well with us. 🙂


  3. elizabeth says:

    Love the idea of the different bowls/dishes themed toward the individual. I can see a very colorful table. 🙂


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