New Environment

modern combine harvester working on a wheat cropI was born and raised in northeastern Ohio and spent much of my young adult life in southeastern Michigan, gazing at the expansive, flat fields of wheat and corn. From there I made a pit stop in Nashville, Tennessee, experiencing the green, rolling hills in that region for six months, unexpectedly having to return to Ohio.

MP900148797Soon after my return, I began a nineteen-year journey in Florida, where palm trees and thunder storms give personality to the Sunshine State. Hurricanes, uh…

From there life rerouted me to Texas, the Lone Star State, uniquely decked out as cowboy country with more men wearing cowboy hats than in other places. I felt at home in Texas. I liked playing cowgirl, which came naturally. The sophisticated lifestyle for me was unfamiliar territory. I’m not saying a sophisticated lifestyle was foreign to Texans. Quite not so.

I didn't own a cowboy hat. I had to pretend.

I didn’t own a cowboy hat. I had to pretend.

photo (1)I am now amazed to be situated comfortably, joyfully, and gratefully in Arizona, famous for its rich history in settling of the American wild west and well-known for its stunning scenery.

My new environment differs much from any other I’ve experienced. I’ve been told that the latter part of September until the middle part of May brings wonderful weather, and my husband says a person wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I know for a fact that it’s hot in summer, people. Really HOT! Yes, low humidity helps. Did I say it’s HOT? But I love it! Skies are blue most of the time. Hurricanes do not often molest the landscape here, but no land is without hazard, and I’ve experienced my first dust storm. Whew! And it was mild. I’d hate to see a strong one! An alert hit my phone, and less than three minutes after, the marauder appeared on the horizon!

I’m stopping here, because I don’t like long posts. I know. It’s too long already. I apologize.

Blessings to you all…
Carol Ann

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Life is good because God is good.
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11 Responses to New Environment

  1. jannatwrites says:

    I’m glad you’re liking Arizona. I lived in Phoenix for 25 years (until we moved North earlier this year.) Personally, I think it’s still too hot until mid-October, but that’s just me 🙂 Even though it’s a dry heat, it can still be miserable, especially if air conditioning isn’t working well enough. Dust storms are eerie, but fun to watch, as long as patio furniture and loose objects in the backyard are secured.

    In northern AZ, we still get monsoon activity, but there’s not as much dust. We had quite a bit of lightning last night and some rain. Hope you continue to thrive in your new surroundings. It’s good to see posts from you again!


    • I really do like Arizona. It’s beautiful. I expected a lot of brown, while the scenery is, in fact, very green and landscaped with rocks and stones. The roads are more than adequate. There is a uniqueness, too, that I enjoy. Touristy is better than not touristy, in my opinion. Places that attract tourists attract me, too. Ha! I was surprised that any place in the U.S.A. would be talking about a monsoon season. Imagine that. I’m happy. Blessings to you, Janna…


  2. Carol says:

    It isn’t too long at all! It’s interesting to share in your discovery of a new place. I’m not a lover of heat… maybe because I’ve lived on the west coast of Canada most of my life and the temperature is usually pretty moderate. I wilt when it approaches the mid-twenties (celsius). But those constantly sunny skies must be wonderful and I’m glad you’re liking it there.


    • I lived many years in the Great Lakes region of Ohio and Michigan, so I’m familiar with brilliant autumns and gleaming new-fallen snow. The west coast of Canada must be magnificent to behold. There is unmatched beauty to enjoy in climates that have four distinct seasons. I miss that, but I’m not comfortable in cold weather. I can tolerate the temperature being too hot better than too cold. Thank you for your comment. Blessings to you, Carol…


  3. elizabeth says:

    i agree with Carol Carol 🙂 It is not too long at all! I’ve often wondered if the dry heat in AZ would feel better than the sticky Texas heat. We get sandstorms here too. We call them dust storms, but it is sand rolling through the air. I really don’t like that at all. 🙂

    You’ve been blessed to live in some amazing places. I hope life in the sunshine of AZ is a blessing beyond imagination. 🙂


    • Thank you for your comment, Elizabeth. I’m glad my post did not seem too long to you and Carol. Dry heat is more comfortable than the moist heat, but the temperatures seem to be higher here than in Texas. Also, the humidity rises somewhat during the monsoon season, another equalizer. Texas heat has been hotter the last few years with some record-breaking temps, but so has it been in Arizona. I remember the blowing sand in Texas as being unpleasant. At some point the heat will discourage one from walking very far, so I haven’t felt the sand blowing in the wind. Maybe I haven’t walked outside here long enough to notice it. I liked Texas, and I like Arizona. I like blue skies, sunshine, and mild winters. Blessings to you…


  4. You’ve lived in a lot of places. (And your post is interesting and not too long!!) …I’ve always wanted to travel and maybe live in several different places in my life but I have not been much of anywhere yet. Glad you’re happy in AZ. I don’t think I could stand dust storms!


    • Thanks for agreeing that my post was not too long. I appreciate all such sentiments. I’m with you on not wanting to go through dust storms. The one I was in was unpleasant. What I’ve heard about a more serious one was not good. On the other hand, they do not bring death and destruction as hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes. I’m happy not to endure them on a regular basis. I’ve never experienced more than a tremor from an earthquake in my lifetime. Blessings to you, Jessie…


  5. dust storms are horrible!


  6. Patricia says:

    The post was not too long! You had me hooked with the first sentence. I was born and raised in Northeastern Ohio! Where did you live? You don’t have to answer here, you can email me or I can mind my own business. 🙂


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