Shadowed in Silk – 1918 India – Love – Intrigue – Suspense

Shadowed in Silk is a delightful novel that compelled me to turn the pages when I should have been sleeping. I wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone that enjoys historical fiction; but not only for readers of historical writing, but for anyone drawn to a love story. If you like suspense, I urge you to read this account. If you like mystery, you’ll find secrets unveiled in this exciting story of war and intrigue. If you love God, you will see Him glorified in the pages of Shadowed in Silk.

The story unfolds in 1918 India, then ruled by the British Raj. The author depicts life in India during this tumultuous period in all of its beauty, mystery, poverty, and abundance. The reluctant mingling of two cultures, different in a thousand ways, leads to deep-seated resentment that culminates in heartbreak, bloodshed, and pain.

Author, Christine Lindsay, breathes life into the characters that live in this milieu swarming with dark emotion, pride, and prejudice. Not only are her characters courageous, but the underlying plot tears at the reader’s heart. I’d like to add that you won’t be disappointed in the story’s end.

Christine’s interest in India began and grew in her childhood as she listened to stories about her ancestors, men who served in the British Cavalry in India, during the turbulent era while India struggled under the dominion of the British Raj.

Christine lives with her husband on the Pacific coast of Canada, about 200 miles north of Seattle. They are enjoying the empty-nest time of life, with visits from grandchildren, and the playfulness of their cat, referred to by Christine as her chief editor.

Incidentally, the model that adorns the front cover of her novel is her own daughter, relinquished to adoption twenty years earlier, now reunited with her again.

I take pleasure in introducing Christine Lindsay, author of Shadowed in Silk, her debut novel, which is available now at Amazon and Barnes and Noble in e-book form and will be released in print by WhiteFire Publishing on September 1, 2011.

Please, welcome Christine with your visits and comments. She will be available to reply. Feel free to ask Christine questions about her novel, Shadowed in Silk, or about her writing journey. Christine would also be interested to know what attributes you look for in a novel. Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate all of you.

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24 Responses to Shadowed in Silk – 1918 India – Love – Intrigue – Suspense

  1. pattisj says:

    This sounds like a good story. I love that Christine’s daughter graces the cover, what an even better story. 🙂


    • Hi Patti, yes it is quite a story, and for some wonderful reason God keeps on blessing me through it. I just heard the news recently that my birth-daughter, Sarah, and her husband are going out as full-time missionaries. They will serve with Global Aid Network that works with various Christian relief agencies. And get this, one of those organizations is the Ramabai Mukti Mission in India that was founded over 100 years ago by an Indian woman who is the inspiration behind my Indian character, Miriam. Isn’t God amazing.


  2. jannatwrites says:

    How cool is this? It sounds like an interesting story and I’ve added Christine’s novel to my ever-growing reading wish list.

    What attributes do I look for in a novel, you ask? It’s hard to pin down what exactly I look for, but I know it when I see it 😉 Let’s see if I can narrow it down a bit…I’m not into superficial stories with shallow characters, science fiction or stories with the “girl gets in trouble, guy saves girl, they fall in love and live happily ever after” formula. I like a good God-centered story, but I don’t like to feel preached at. I don’t choose books based on author name recognition. The promise of a unique and memorable story is what prompts me to select a novel to purchase.

    Sorry for the novella-length comment, Carol 🙂


    • Thank you, Janna, for the ping back. Christine Lindsay will be replying to comments today. She lives in a much earlier time zone than I, but she will be awake and posting comments soon. Blessings to you…


    • I’m the same as you, Janna. It’s hard for me to pin down what I like in a story. And I don’t stick to just one type of story—-it can be historical or contemporary, as long as its characters draw me into their lives and hearts, and that I see realistic journeys to God. I’m more drawn to the inner stories than I am to the outer, but I do like things to ‘happen’ in a book. I sure hope that if you get the chance to read Shadowed in Silk, that it doesn’t disappoint. :o)


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  4. SuziCate says:

    I love historical fiction…I will have to check it out!


  5. trisha says:

    i read about it in local newspapers, they too said it was a well written story.


  6. elizabethre says:

    Great review Carol! I don’t read historical novels, and I don’t read love stories, so I probably won’t be reading this one. But Christine let me say CONGRATULATIONS! on your debut novel. May it become a bst-seller and open the door to bigger and better contracts 🙂
    All the best,


    • Strangely enough, Elizabeth, I’m not a big fan of romance novels myself. And I’m so glad we all like different stuff. What a boring world it would be if we did. I like a book that has some teeth to it, so Shadowed in Silk has some pretty realistic events that shook the British Empire, setting the stage for Gandhi and Indian independence. But, I have to admit it also has a pretty strong love story, about 2 people at the start who should never have feelings for each other in the first place.

      Thanks so much for your blessing on my debut novel. Such kind words. You’ve made my day. :o)


  7. planejaner says:

    Carol Ann-
    thanks for the recommendation, and Christine–congratulations on the publishing of your book!

    God is great!



  8. Nicely written review, Carol Ann. And Christine, congratulations on what sounds like a wonderful read. I wish you much success and blessings.


  9. I’ve been away and am finally doing some catching up. How lovely to find Christine here, Carol Ann, and your review of her excellent book. I have the eBook altho’ I haven’t had a chance to do more than peek at the opening pages — am looking forward to some quiet holiday time soon so that I can finish what I know is going to be an intriguing story.


    • Carol, I hope you had a refreshing holiday. Yours is another blog that is so well done. It’s been a real honor and pleasure to be a guest on yours and Carol Ann’s.


    • You won’t be disappointed in Christine’s novel. Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for presenting Christine on your blog, where I met her. It’s been a delight to have her as my guest, also. Blessings to you both, Carol and Christine…


  10. Jamie Dedes says:

    Thanks for the intro to a new writer, Carol Ann. Good luck to her.


    • Thank you, Jamie. I think she will do well. Her novel kept me turning the pages. Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. Blessings…


      • Jamie Dedes says:

        The stack of books to read gets higher and higher all the time and time gets shorter. !!! I wonder if there’s a library in heaven.

        She’s on my list …. 🙂


      • My wish list is growing each day. When I’m ready to start another book, I have lots of them to choose from. Christine did a great job on Shadowed in Silk. Blessings to you, Jamie…


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