Unplugged, Almost, for 24 Hours

I decided to do it, almost. I learned about this special day to unplug from Jane of http://www.planejaner.com. We don’t have TV service, so unplugging our computer was more deprivation than we wished for. We watched the news and listened to lots of preaching, Charles Stanley, Joel Osteen, David Jeremiah, Joyce Meyer, Adrian Rogers, David Uth of First Baptist Orlando, Florida, Jack Graham of Prestonwood, Plano, Texas, all on our computer. (This is what we always do. Have I mentioned that my husband is a preacher? He is retired now and struggles with Alzheimer’s, but he hasn’t lost his enthusiasm for the Lord or the Bible.) I disconnected myself from blogging and social network only.

The time I usually spend blogging gave me opportunity to watch a movie with my husband. We watched The Firm with Tom Cruise. The movie was great, as was the book, which I read years ago. Suspense is the genre. I like suspense. My hubby likes it not so much, but he kept me company anyway.

The best thing I accomplished with my extra time was tackling revisions on my manuscript. I’ve neglected my WIP for a long time. Perhaps I’d lost confidence in it, but having reviewed and revised several chapters, I am encouraged once again.

This afternoon I’m back, but I cannot catch up. I will start with emails dated March 6. Please, forgive me if I missed a good post by any of my blogger friends. Thank you all for understanding.

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Life is good because God is good.
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40 Responses to Unplugged, Almost, for 24 Hours

  1. lbdiamond says:

    I think unplugging is essential from time to time. Glad you took a break to recharge! 😉


  2. Yvette says:

    Your precious time unplugged is well deserved! Time to do the special things! I treasure my friends throughout cyperspace, but we can’t neglect our ‘real’ world. A weekend away from the computer is sometimes a challenge, your right, we all should do it more often! Have a great week. xx


    • You have a great week, too, Yvette. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. I really did enjoy the 24-hour change in routine. Yes, the real world calls us back to real time after a while. Blessings to you…


  3. planejaner says:

    Carol Ann-that sounds mostly positive! I am feeling refreshed from my 36 hours of unplugging…and I decided, as I turned on my computer this morning, that if I was going to do this on a weekly basis, it would mean that I wouldn’t choose to “catch up”, as you’ve mentioned you won’t, either, but rather to just jump back in, and pick up with whatever comes next.
    otherwise…it would feel bad–too much!

    p.s. glad you reconnected with your manuscript (meaning…words from your hand…)


    • Thank you, Jane. Doing this on a weekly basis is a very good idea. I have to let ideas sink into my mind before I decide for sure. I will definitely give this one a good think. Yes, I agree that if we must catch up, there would be little, if any, benefit. Have a blessed week…


  4. Good for you! The more time I spend online the less I spend doing other important tasks that shouldn’t be neglected. And the online time seems to snowball, too. Unplugging once in a while is good discipline as well as giving us a bit of distance for a better perspective on our cyberspace priorities.

    I’m glad you’re back working on that manuscript. It can’t finish itself, and you’ll feel such a sense of accomplishment when you finally complete it.


    • Thank you, Carol. I, too, am glad to be back working on my manuscript. It’s coming along. Now, if I just keep it up, little by little I’ll finish it! Yes, I would feel accomplished just to know I didn’t quit. Thank you for your encouragement. Blessings to you…


  5. Noel says:

    I do that sometimes, unplugged from TV, Facebook, Blogging, etc. I think we need to do this to stay in the present, especially when we want to maintain relationship with God. I strongly believe in finding God in simple things, such as silence, nature, talking to real people (not facebook), and quietly reading the Bible. These moments are truly precious, they help me to go back to basic. My favorite is going to the beach and just relax. Technology, although a useful tool, can also keep us from enjoying life. Hope you can continue to unplug some more. God bless.


    • Thank you for stopping by, Noel. Thank you for your comment. Maintaining our relationship with God is the most important thing we can do. I appreciate your advice. There was a valley, a difficult time, in my life. During that time I went to a beach on Lake Erie every Saturday, sat in a lawn chair, and read my Bible for hours on end. This trial in my life helped me learn the Bible. It seemed at the time like an awful thing, but it brought me much good. Blessings to you…


  6. Jamie Dedes says:

    Ditto on the movie.

    Unplugging once in awhile is necessary for emtional/spiritual health. Good thing to do. Bravo!

    Many blessings …


  7. 1959duke says:

    We all need to to step back and take a breath from time to time.


  8. Laura Best says:

    I sometimes grieve the time I spend online, knowing that it is taking time away from my writing. I’ve been spending less time these days online though and concentrating on writing. It’s been feeling much better.


    • I’m glad you can concentrate on your writing. I write my poetry. It flows. I’ve always written it. Blogging has allowed me to share it with others. My manuscript has suffered because I have such little time to devote to it. Yet, if I’d have never blogged, my novel would have stagnated. I needed the novel writing skills I’ve learned here, and bloggers have been kind and helpful. Because of bloggers, my writing journey has moved forward. You are an encouragement, Laura. You wrote a novel, it’s published, and it’s good! Blessings…


  9. Barb says:

    Glad you took time off, but I have never heard Joel Osteen preach the Word of God.


    • Thanks for stopping by Barb. I listen to Joel Osteen on lightsource.com. There are lots of preachers to choose from, but I listen to only a few. Joel Osteen always lifts my spirits. If a person doesn’t already know the Word of God, he might not learn it just listening to this preacher, because he doesn’t tell the scripture references as he goes along, but his preaching is true to the Word. His congregation is huge. Perhaps his church has small group meetings where they study the Word. If you want encouragement in living the life, give him a listen. Blessings to you, Barb…


  10. jannatwrites says:

    Unplugging from time to time is a good thing. (I’m going to do it next weekend.) I’m glad you enjoyed your time away and got to watch a movie with your husband. It’s also great that you worked on your manuscript and feel connected to it again. I hope the feeling remains even after you are plugged in 🙂


    • Janna, thank you for stopping by and for your encouraging comment. I’m glad you plan to take some time off, too. Just like a job we love, if we never take time off from it, we may be headed for burnout. I enjoy blogging, and I intend to make a schedule that is healthy, reasonable, and fits into this season of my life. Blessings to you, Janna…


  11. A change in routine can be refreshing. I’m glad you and your husband enjoyed the time together. And, I’m happy for you that the manuscript is coming along.


    • Thank you, Carol. Your blog is very enjoying to me. I really enjoy the cyberspace experience. I don’t plan to bow out, but I am going to be sure to squeeze in my manuscript. My hubby gets first grab on my time, which is my pleasure. I praise God that He blesses my husband. He is doing very well. We can still go to grocery stores and get outside together. Blessings…


  12. pattisj says:

    We went to visit family this weekend, so I was unplugged more than usual. No, I didn’t know your husband is a preacher. I recently read a book, “The Artist’s Way,” and one of the exercises was to give up reading (except Bible) for a week, but we weren’t to fill the time with tv or other mindless activities. I realized, I read a LOT. A change in routine can be a good experience.


    • Thank you for stopping by, Patti. Your blog is a great blog to visit. I appreciate your sweet attitude. My change in routine gave me a day of not feeling rushed or pressured. There’s a sign that I need to make a change that gives me more freedom. I’ll figure it out. I spend a lot of time cooking. Hm. Nah. Hubby wouldn’t like me to feed him sandwiches all the time. Ha! Blessings to you…


  13. Amazing how ‘dependent’ we have become on the internet. A line from the movie The Social Network (excellent movie, by the way) haunts me: “We lived on farms, then we lived in cities, and now we’re going to live on the internet!”
    Having regular unplug times will ensure that we don’t substitue real living for pseudo-living online. Technology is a tool for us to use, not to be enslaved to.
    I wonder if a mass of people will come to this conclusion at the same time and we’ll see a drop in the use of Facebook, Twitter, blogging, etc. at some point…
    Happy real living!


    • You are a breath of fresh air, Zoe. Happy real living to you, too. We’ll get it right. I’m not sure how, but when we really want to make something work, we’ll get the enlightenment we need. I would like to learn how to control blogging so that blogging does not control me. There is a way. Whatever we do in life may grow into a size its not meant to have. We are the gardeners, not the garden. Perhaps we should employ the controlled-burn theory used by foresters to keep a healthy balance. Ha! Excuse me if I’m not making sense. I do say stupid things at times. Blessings to you…


  14. Unfortunately, unplugging these days means isolating oneself…we so rarely congregate in real time anymore…it’s amazing how much are social lives are defined by being “plugged in”…


    • Thank you for leaving a comment. I’ve tried to find your blog via the gravatar, but failed. It’s true that people are isolated these days. We live in a high-rise apartment building. We pass one another in the halls. We have more community than people whose doors open to the outside, but even so, very few of us congregate. Church is a wonderful place for congregating. Because of my hubby’s Alzheimer’s, we even attend church online, live stream. It’s not the same as really being there, but it’s close. V I R T U A L. Blessings to you, Michael…


  15. flyinggma says:

    I unplugged for most of the day yesterday and it was great. I love the movie The Firm. I spent many hours working in my sewing room sorting through stuff. My husband hung the cabinets yesterday to store my sewing things. I’m excited to finish cleaning and sorting so I can actually do some sewing. It’s been a long time.

    I’m happy to hear you worked on your manuscript. Sometimes it good to take a break to get re-energized for the task and come at it with fresh perspective.

    I think that I will try the unplugged thing at least on Sundays during the daylight hours on a regular basis.


    • Already you are busy working and your husband hanging cabinets so soon after returning from vacation. But then, you did everything possible before you left to make your coming home a delight. You are a very wise person, Jeanne.

      I already stay off my blog most of Sunday. After my unplugging-almost day, I didn’t return until late on Sunday. I, too, may consider a day each week to unplug. There must be a way to keep life in balance. Thank you for stopping by and for your comment. Blessings to you…


  16. trisha says:

    I am happy that you utilized the time by spending some time with your husband and reading your manuscript (which i think is the best thing you did).

    I will be happy to see your work published because i know it will be a treasure.

    all the best!


  17. Sweet Trisha. You write such encouraging comments. Thank you for stopping by with your words of encouragement. Blessings to you…

    (I just wrote a reply to another blogger, mistakenly, under your comment to me. If my comment went directly into blogosphere, I apologize. You will see that the comment made no sense to you. I have revised it now, but I’m not sure how that works.)


  18. suzicate says:

    Yay for you! My poor neglected WIP…I really should unplug for a week, but knowing me I’d procrastinate and still get nothing done but maybe a hike!


    • Hiking is good. 🙂 I’m thinking about taking Saturdays off from blogging each week, but I haven’t decided for sure yet. I enjoy blogging. I hope you and I will both get back to our manuscripts. I need to be more disciplined. Thank you for stopping by and for your comment. Blessings to you, Suzi…


  19. Epics Wife says:

    Glad you took a break – I have to do that from time to time too 🙂 What is your manuscript of? Don’t give up on it – even if it takes awhile! It will be worth it 🙂 I worked on my first book for over two years!! I am sure that you will feel great getting back to it 🙂 If you need any help just drop me a line…



    • Thank you for stopping by, Melanie, and for your encouraging comment. I have reconnected with my manuscript thanks to a day off from blogging. I will discover a way to accomplish both blogging and writing. I’m sure it can be done. Here is a proposed one-sentence blurb about my novel:

      The reader follows a young family through three days of terror, after eight-year-old David is kidnapped, and five-year-old Rachel, rendered speechless by her experience, is presumed to have witnessed her brother’s abduction.

      Blessings to you on your recent publications…


  20. fivecats says:

    I’ve done unplugged days several times before, sometimes by choice and others not by choice. The not-by-choice unplugged days came in the form of a power failure caused by weather, using the time to read. The by-choice unplugged days came in the form of having to do other things away from the computer. It’s good to lay it aside and have it laid aside for you (i.e., by power failure).

    Blessings and prayers …


    • Thank you for stopping by, fivecats. I appreciate your comment. I took another reprieve this weekend, not a total stop, but a slowdown. I, too, enjoy a rest. I prefer to choose and unplugged day rather than to have it thrust upon me by way of power failure. I’m a sissy. I hate being deprived of power. Blessings to you…


  21. mairmusic says:

    Good to step back into the real old-fashioned world once in awhile– I do it too sometimes, Although it’s hard not to feel you are missing something, it’s good to realize that you have something else instead, like that time w/ your husband.


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