Hope Unveiled

Spirit of deceit
Lured a child
Savage Deceit
Hidden beneath
A golden robe
With silver sashes
Wrapped around dead bones

Flaunting brilliant

Stones that turned
To ashes

Savage beast

Cringed beneath
A show
Of shiny flashes
Promising wealth
And happiness

Lingering regret
Haunting trances
Cavernous wounds
Head banging bashes

Ripped away hope
In exchange for dope

Leaving gaping
Open gashes
Memories lost in
Mindless dashes
Dreams marred by
Shards and slashes

Unveiled at Calvary
A Savior
Offers Hope
To every struggling creature
Whose heart is wholly given
Unreservedly to Him
Be free at last


Carol Ann Hoel © September 25, 2010

My own comment: Someone I love dearly is trapped in this world of addiction. My heart goes out to him every day of my life. Anyone reading this that has a family member trapped in this bondage may understand. If anyone reading this post is suffering from addiction, please believe that there is hope. Look on the Internet for addiction testimonials and you will see that there are people that escape and conquer. My prayers are for you wherever and whoever you are. God loves you.

About Carol Ann Ritchey

Life is good because God is good.
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9 Responses to Hope Unveiled

  1. Yes, Jingle, it is difficult to comment on. My silent scream escaped. Maybe I shouldn’t have posted this one. It’s painful. Someone up close and personal in my life is in such bondage. There is nothing more horrible in life than this dilemma that is so widespread in our nation and possibly in the world.


  2. reedssss says:

    lovely n cute poem written by sch a preety n cute person


  3. In my too-frequent rush to catch up on my favourite blogs I almost missed this, Carol Ann. Then the words literally flung themselves at me and I read them with the same pain that you probably experienced as you wrote them. Mine came from the perspective of a daughter who died many years ago from a drug overdose. I’ve never attempted to write about her addiction and death so I think maybe without realizing it you wrote this for me. Thank you.


    • Thank you for your words. I removed this post once because I was afraid it was too shocking for people to read. I decided to take it out of the trash and post it again. It’s my heartbreak and I feel your pain. It is my son who is addicted and has been for too many years to count. I shed many tears and pray for him daily. He has seen many of his friends die of overdose. I know for a mother this wound is deep. God bless you and heal your heart.


  4. Trisha says:

    perfect beauty. i hope every addict feels your words, the world is far more beautiful when it is not seen through the haze of liquour and drugs.

    hope and pray he sees the light.


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