City Girl

My husband’s family called me city girl. I’d never seen a country road that I could remember back then. The first time I saw a pasture of grazing cattle I insisted that we stop the car and pull over to the side of the road so I could get out and look more closely. A cow near the fence lifted her head and mooed loudly. My husband laughed hysterically at my wide-eyed fascination.

I eagerly learned to be a country girl. Ginger, our liver and white springer spaniel, was my constant companion as I pulled weeds and checked the developing tomatoes in the garden. The first time I saw a tomato worm I was horrified, but I soon learned to carry them while they were still munching on the tomato leaf to the chicken pen, Ginger tagging along right behind me. The chickens waited noisily for my arrival with their breakfast treat. As I tossed it in, a furious feeding frenzy would ensue over that one tomato worm, which would never reach the ground before it was consumed by several cackling hens and perhaps a rooster, too.

When the tomatoes were finally ready for picking, Ginger followed me along the rows as I pulled the riper ones off the vine. She seemed to be begging for a tomato. Dogs eat dog food and sometimes table scraps, meat primarily, I thought. I kept telling her gently that she didn’t want a tomato. She kept wagging her tail and begging for one. Finally, I threw her a plump red tomato thinking she would sniff it and walk away. She caught it in her jaws and scarfed it down in a second of time and begged for another! I learned something new everyday during that phase of my life. That day I learned what seemed to me like a strange food for a dog to enjoy.

Does anyone in the blogging world know about or own a dog that craves whole fresh tomatoes?

(I know the tomato season is past. I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date. Ha!)

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18 Responses to City Girl

  1. planejaner says:

    Carol Ann-
    My doggie, Skipper, loves tomatoes out of the garden. This year, however, since our season has been so terrifically horrific, I don’t plan to share any of the meager harvest with him. He also loves: carrots, zucchini, beans, peas, apples, grapes, cantaloupe…strawberries…
    his face is SO funny when he eats the exploding things, like tomatoes and grapes…he’s always visibly surprised by his first nom-nom into them.
    your post made me smile today.


    • I’m so glad I made you smile. Obviously, Ginger wasn’t the only veggie loving canine. She was such a sweet pet. Springer Spaniels will love you with all their furry beings. I know what you mean about exploding. It was funny to watch her slam down a tomato. It looked like it might get away from her. Is Skipper a Yellow Lab or a Golden Retriever? They are great pets, too.


      • planejaner says:

        Carol Ann-
        Skipper is an English type Yellow Lab–so, he’s very stocky, with a beautiful, blocky face, and very very furry. Not at all lean and leggy like the Field type Labradors. Gentle as can be.
        In fact–his picture was on a recent post–that one about being simple…simplicity. You can gaze upon his beastly magnificene there… 🙂


      • Jane, I saw your photo of Skipper on your post about simplicity a few days ago. I was pretty sure he was a Yellow Lab. Sometimes I get Golden Retrievers and Yellow Labs mixed up. My brother had a Yellow Lab for many years. He was the best dog in the world. Labs have a great temperament. Yes, Skipper is a handsome boy.


  2. Growing up, my dog hated tomato. She would actively eat around it, even when it was in pasta sauce. Strange animal.


  3. buttercup600 says:

    Awesome story and pics…never ever heard of a dog that loves tomatoes…Ginger was so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing part of your world with us Carol, don’t know about that worms though 🙂 xxx


    • Hi Amanda. Thank you for visiting. Oh, those worms were huge. I swear that I could hear them chewing the leaves, chomp, chomp, chomp! I couldn’t touch one, either. I broke off the part of the plant that held the worm and carried it to its unhappy fate still chomping. Blessings to you… xx00


  4. Merrilee says:

    My dog is a fussy lady, and won’t eat anything other than dog food and meat 🙂 Love the story of the chickens – we had chickens and geese years ago. I miss them! They are wonderful recyclers, and who doesn’t love fresh eggs every morning?


    • Now that’s a dog I understand. My childhood dog ate dog food and meat. Vegetables she considered people food and she didn’t want anything to do with it. Yes, fresh eggs in the morning were a special delight. Geese. Yes, we had them. They didn’t like me. They knew I was a city girl. Ha!


  5. Bonnie says:

    I loved hearing of your initial experiences with the country and your husband’s reaction to your surprised face. The description of your initial encounter with the cow pasture made me feel like I was there when it happened, and made me smile big. 🙂 Ginger sure sounds like she was a wonderful companion. But loving tomatoes? That’s a new one on me… but our canine furbabies never cease to amaze me. The way she followed you around and begged for one, it would seem as if she already knew she would like them. Dogs have this sense sometimes! So sweet.


    • When I told my husband that Ginger begged me for a tomato until I gave her one, he said she probably ate them all the time when I wasn’t looking. Ha! We grew enough tomatoes that I wouldn’t have noticed if she had eaten a 4 or 5 a day. I canned tomatoes until I had no more places to put jars. Now I’m a city girl again. Life has seasons. Shady wouldn’t eat a tomato if you begged him, and I bet Camille wouldn’t either. Blessings to you…


  6. Trisha says:

    just lovely. my spitz was obsessed with potatoes, the moment she saw me pealing one she used to run to me begging.


    • Ah! Potatoes for your spitz! How precious! Dogs are such great companions. I can just picture your pooch begging for a potato. Thank you for visiting and for sharing about your pet that eats potatoes. Blessings to you…


  7. Laura Best says:

    I haven’t met a tomato eating dog yet, but I’ve heard of dogs that ate some pretty strange things.

    It sounds as though you settled into the country life pretty well. For me, it’s all I’ve ever known. Here in Nova Scotia we’re in the middle of tomato season. About this time of the month we start think about covering them at night to keep the frost off them. We’ve been lucky, though and haven’t experienced any frosts yet.


    • I miss the country life. I am a city dweller again, but I spent many years living in the country and I enjoyed it. Nova Scotia sounds like a very nice and easy going kind of place. Tomato season.. Just the sound of tomato season brings back the memories. I lived in Ohio and Southeaster Michigan during my country days. I think Nova Scotia may be even colder than the Great Lakes in winter. Thank you for stopping by. Blessings to you…


  8. Chloe says:

    Ha – this post made me smile 😀 My little dog Stormy (she’s a cross Jack Russell/Yorkshire Terrier) absolutely ADORES chasing cherry tomatoes around the room. She plays hide and seek with them and doggy football for a while before she bites into them and licks out the juice. She loves to play with ice-cubes in the same way too!

    Thanks for making me smile at the memory!
    Chloe xx


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