Analyzing Becca

Becca is all of us and none of us at the same time. Reading her story, we identified with her. We liked her as we like ourselves. We became her friends. We were like Becca in her spirit and we empathized with Becca in her walk through the valley of despair. We felt her sorrows and her fears, and we celebrated the bountiful blessing that came upon her at the end of the story.

We knew that Becca made some very bad choices, yet we wanted Becca to be radically blessed. We didn’t want Becca to barely clear the jaws of her desperation. We wanted Becca to have it all. But we ask ourselves, could this really happen?

God set standards and principles for living. His standards remain firm and do not change. Think of the law of gravity. It doesn’t change. There are laws of nature that we count on that do not change. The farmer reaps what he sows. He plants a seed of corn and corn grows out of it. If we do right, we benefit; if we do wrong, we harm ourselves and others.

Becca in her youth took a wrong turn. She began a perilous journey that led her away from the safety. She was young in her faith back then. I think Becca convinced herself God would be satisfied with her decision to begin her relationship with Toby. She wanted to go her own way and she rationalized.

When Becca’s life became unbearable, she thought about the God of her childhood. She wished she could start over with a clean slate. Her friend Tedani encouraged her to do exactly that, to go back to that day before she went her own way to start afresh.

Becca wasn’t sure about herself or how God would treat her. I think she was afraid to make another promise she might not keep. But Becca took one definite wholehearted step toward God when she began going to church every Sunday with Tedani and her family.

Would God so richly bless Becca for one small step intentionally taken to please God? Was it only one step? Becca’s new journey started with just one step, and the blessings started at the same time. I think we may assume that Becca continued on her new journey of faith.

I think this could really happen. What do you think?

About Carol Ann Ritchey

Life is good because God is good.
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4 Responses to Analyzing Becca

  1. We all make mistakes and it is ok as long as we learn from our mistakes.


  2. amkuska says:

    Of course it would happen. God isn’t some aloof old man hiding in a cloud. He’s the real thing. Besides, one step made in his direction with the whole heart is worth a thousand that could be going any direction at all.


  3. Cool response, Ms. Ksuka. I like it. Thank you for sharing.


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